Tilton Experience

A Personalized Education for the 21st Century

Reimagining Education

What if we reimagined the future of education? What if we create an environment where each student and adult could thrive? What if we weren't afraid to fail? What if we unleash the creative side in all of us?

We began our work in spring 2015 when the entire Tilton community came together to start asking "What if?" questions and reimagine what it means to educate teenagers. What we realized then was that the current model of education does not meet the needs of our students. Today's teenagers have very different needs and expectations for learning, including personalization, networking, real-world experiences, and opportunities to make a difference.

Later that summer, students, teachers, administrators, parents, alumni and trustees, came together to begin the work of addressing this issue. Separated into nine design teams, they used design thinking to discover, empathize and prototype new ideas and solutions to address the challenge of educating today’s teenagers. The teams collaborated with outside experts as well as current faculty and students, and began to design a new vision of the Tilton Experience – a uniquely powerful education journey for every Tilton student.

The Design Process

We are proud to be partaking in a new model for supporting design and innovation at schools. The work we began in spring 2015 has brought our community together to collaborate in a way most schools only dream about. Throughout this unique journey as a community, we have documented each step. Click on the links below to watch how the Design Process has been used with the Tilton Experience from the very beginning. 

Our Design Partners

For More Information

If you would like to learn more about the Tilton Experience and how design thinking can help your school reimagine education, contact Shannon Parker, Director of Innovation and Teaching at Tilton School.