Artist of the Week

Artist of the Week - May 18, 2018

Artist of the Week - Hanna Barry '18

Hanna Barry '18 is a young artist who in her first year at Tilton School as a post-graduate quickly showed a great interest and talent for creating pottery. In her first year of ceramics, Hanna has demonstrated great technique and careful craftsmanship on each of her projects. Hanna spent many free periods and study hall sessions perfecting pieces or finishing a glaze on the surface of one of her vessels.

Hanna is recognized not only for her impressive achievements as an artist but also for her contributions setting up displays of ceramic artwork for Arts Fest and her donations to the Empty Bowls fundraising raffle. 
    • Hanna Barry '18

Artist of the Week - April 20, 2018

Ryan Waring '18

Ryan Waring is a four year senior who discovered his interest and talent in ceramics in his freshman year, going on to take Ceramics I and then Advanced Ceramics. In his senior year, Ryan was asked to be a teacher’s assistant for the ceramics classes and has thrived in that role. Ryan offers demonstrations and assists students one on one in addition to helping organize and maintain the studio and prepare glazes and other materials. As an artist, Ryan has begun to work on larger scale pottery.

Earlier in the year we had an Raku firing event during which Ryan participated in the firing alongside Mr. Goodwin and Mr. Rand, his current and previous ceramics instructors respectively. Ryan’s talent, enthusiasm, and dedication have led him to be an outstanding member of Tilton’s art program and this week’s artist of the week.

Artist of the Week - January 26, 2018

Miki Yoshida '18

Miki Yoshida '18 is a gifted artist who has been rapidly mastering the different forms of photography. Her work this year has ranged from still-lifes of a glass jar to nighttime snow scenes. Miki is very interested in travel photography as well. Miki is also a talented dancer, so her skills span the visual and performing arts. For her dedication and hard work, Miki Yoshida is the Artist of the Week.

Artist of the Week - January 19, 2018

Todd Ding '19

Todd Ding is a two-year junior. Todd has turned his passion for art into strong illustrations and visual storytelling. Todd is currently taking AP Studio Arts in 2D design. He frequently puts in many extra hours into his work to make it the best he can. His artwork is the product of dedication, hard work, and practice.

For his dedication and hard work, Todd Ding is the Artist of the Week.

Artist of the Week - December 15, 2017

Nick Guarente '18

Nick Guarente has been an outstanding member of the ceramics program this year. As a student in the Advanced Ceramics course he has created a great number of functional vessels as well as creating works for our most recent Raku firing. Nick took a leadership role during the firing that took place on the quad in November 2017, and was one of two students to wear the heat resistant suit to pull pots out of the raku kiln while glowing hot at 1700 degrees Fahrenheit.

His craftsmanship and dedication to his work have earned him the designation of artist of the week. You can check out his artwork on Instagram @nickgpottery

Artist of the Week - December 9, 2017

Jacob Losardo '18

Jacob is a postgraduate student who has already become an integral part of the music program at Tilton. He is an experienced French horn player who joined the band this year, and has since branched out to piano, voice and ukulele. He has studied Music Theory in the past and is always willing to help his peers understand the structure of music. His talent for hearing the music and translating it to piano has entertained his peers, who find this skill to be one of his strongest. Recently Jacob was selected for and participated in the All New England Choral Festival, hosted by Plymouth State University. He was among several hundred vocalists who were accompanied by a live orchestra. Jacob’s eagerness to try new things in music and willingness to share his talent with others is why he is this week’s Artist of the Week.

Artist of the Week - December 1, 2017

David Li '20

Photographer: David Li

David is an accomplished and hard-working photographer who seeks to improve his skills with the camera by studying photography websites and videos. He has an excellent technical knowledge of photography and brilliant artistic ideas. David inspires other students to learn more about photography.

Artist of the Week - October 27, 2017

Isabelle Benoit '19

Isabelle Benoit '19 was an outstanding student in ceramics class in 2016-2017. This year she has gone on to take advanced ceramics where she continues to refine her skills. Her quiet determination and consistent craftsmanship have led her to successes both on the potter's wheel and in forming sculptures. Her dedication to mastering the wheel is demonstrated by her choice to spend her afternoon activity working in the ceramics studio. Select works by Isabelle can currently be seen in the display case in Skinner Tower, and she is featured on the Tilton Arts page under artist of the week!

Artist of the Week - October 20, 2017

Aybala Yilmaz '18

Aybala Yilmaz '18 has been all things art since joining Tilton School from Turkey in fall 2016. As a senior, Aybala has been working on her AP Studio Art portfolios. She has a unique, colorful, surrealistic style of drawing and painting. She has committed herself to developing her skills in ceramics in addition to her accomplishments in studio arts. Her enthusiasm and willingness to stretch her abilities and bounce back from failures have allowed her to quickly find success. Her bright personality has made her a joyful addition to our studio community and she is always willing to come to open studio or work on a piece during a free period. 
Abyala has been selected as this week’s Tilton School's Artist of the Week for her passion, commitment and drive in all things art.

Artist of the Week - October 13, 2017

Alice Du '18

Alice Du '18 is a four-year senior who has participated in music in many different ways. Alice has taken classes in Music Theory and Instrumental Music and has performed in the winter musical for the past two years. Alice is a very talented musician who began studying bass guitar last year, when our newest performing ensemble needed a bass player. Alice has also participated in the All New England Choral Festival, which she was recently selected again for an upcoming festival in November 2017. Alice has been pivotal in the growth of the music department, and has been consistent in her willingness to share her talent with others. For four years of outstanding work and dedication to the Tilton Arts, Alice Du has been selected as this week’s Tilton School’s Artist of the Week.

Artist of the Week - October 6, 2017

Anika Tullo '19

Anika Tullos '19 is a junior who has been in every play since the day she arrived. She is currently in the fall 2017 production of The Odd Couple as Florence. In 2016 she found her love of editing videos and in particular, documentaries. Her previous documentaries include topics such as Costa Rica, Cassini, the Great Barrier Reef, and a ten-part series on Antarctica. She currently is working on her latest about Emus. Anika spends a tremendous time outside of class editing and crafting her skills on stage. Anika Tullos has been selected as this week's Tilton School's Artist of the Week for her drive, passion, and unrelenting quest for improvement in the arts. 

Artist of the Week - September 29, 2017

Dominique Bolduc '18

Meeka is a four-year senior who has participated in Studio Arts from the Intro to the Arts to AP Studio. She has experimented with different techniques and materials to find her artistic voice. In her junior year she discovered that her visual understanding of the way values and contrast work would work well with portrait art. Meeka has drawn dozens of faces in a number of ways. Meeka spends time inside and outside of class to create her works. For four years of hard work and dedication to the Tilton Arts, Dominique Bolduc has been selected as this weeks Tilton School's Artist of the Week.