Overview & Teams

Tilton’s athletic program is committed to a quality experience, highlighted by commitment, hard work, pride and teamwork.  We encourage students to push themselves beyond known boundaries, regardless of knowledge or ability.  The importance of integrity, sportsmanship and sacrifice in a competitive environment are at the core of our program.  A student’s personal growth within athletics allows them to realize the difference between being interested and being committed.  

Meet the Teams

Female Athlete of the Month

Amanda Crowley '19 
Senior Amanda Crowley hit the ground running this year...literally. As a member of Tilton's Cross Country team, Amanda finished in first at the Brewster Academy race, and second at Cardigan Mountain School. She is ranked best returning runner from the 2nd place Lakes Region Team Championship last fall, and poised to compete for her first LR Individual championship. 

Male Athlete of the Month

Patrick Guinee '19
Patrick has been a major asset to the Tilton Cross Country Team during his time here on the Hill. This year, his senior year, he has finished first in all three Lakes Region meet this season (Holderness, Brewster, Cardigan). This year, he is defending his Lakes Region Individual champion, poised to win the titled back-to-back.

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