Fuel Up! Five Foods to Eat Before a Game

Tara Brisson
As we begin the fall sports season, making sure Tilton School student athletes are ready to go before each game is important. Diet is a crucial part of this process - what do you eat before a game? Athletic Director Tara Brisson has some tips!
First of all: as a player, it's really what works for you. There  are definitely differences between what to eat right before a game and what to eat hours before. There hours before, you could eat some pasta and chicken, have a full on meal. An hour before you'll need some quick digesting items that won’t sit in your stomach. For example....

1. Nut-Free Butter and Honey Sandwich: Protein and complex carbs with some natural sugar for energy.  WOWbutter or Sun Butter are great options for nut free campuses!
2. A Protein Bar or Granola Bar: Quick carbohydrates that are not too heavy for the stomach.
3. Keep it Simple with Some Fruit: An apple, dry mango, a banana, something that will spark your metabolism.
4. Coconut Water for HYDRATION: Most kids will prefer Gatorade...but that has way too much sugar!
5. Handful of Granola, Pretzels, or Crackers: Just a handful though! Overdue it, and you’ll feel not-so-great once the game begins.  

As for foods to avoid, dairy is a big one. It just seems to sit in your stomach and not digest to become fuel. These, of course, are only suggestions. Whatever you find works best for you as a player is what you should go for! Just make sure you are putting good, healthy fuel into your body for best performance possible.
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