Summer Institute

International Students

Applying for a U.S. Visa

Students attending the Tilton School Summer Institute may enter the United States on a B-2 Tourist Visa. To apply for the B-2 Visa with “Tourist” endorsement, please use this information:
Full Name and Address of Contact Person or Organization in the United States:
Tilton School Summer Institute
℅ Tilton School, Inc
30 School St
Tilton, NH   03276
John A. Herd, Director of the Summer Initiative

Evidence of Acceptance/Invitation Letter for Program Registered for:
Take your TSSI program acceptance email and a copy of the paid invoice that is available in your parent portal with you for your application.

Instructions from U.S. Dept of State:
There are several steps to apply for a visa. The order of these steps and how you complete them may vary at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate where you apply. Please consult the instructions available on the U.S. Embassy or Consulate website where you will apply.

Additional Information

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  • Helpful Visa Links

  • Health Services at TSSI

    Tilton School’s health staff are on campus each day to provide routine and emergency care. All lead staff and camp administrators are CPR and First Aid certified. If your child will be taking medication at TSSI, please but sure contact the program office

    All students participating in TSSI must be examined by a licensed physician within the 13 months leading up to the start of the program.

    Consistent with U.S. Department of Public Health requirements, all students must be fully immunized prior to attending the TSSI Program. It is the responsibility of the family to submit proof of all immunizations (in English), with all documents signed by a licensed physician, before the student arrives. Without this proof, your child cannot attend the program.

    If you are having difficulty obtaining certain immunizations prior to the start of the program, we can send you a link to a local clinic that may be able to assist. All students must have proof of all the required immunizations before arriving on campus. Please contact the Tilton School Health Office for more information at 603.286.1761

    NOTE: All Health Forms automatically become accessible to you in your TSSI registered account portal once your student is accepted to the program.
  • Health Insurance

    For international students, health insurance is included in the cost of your boarding fee and your student is automatically enrolled at time of registration. Policy coverage is provided through Aetna Preferred Provider network in the United States.
  • Transportation to TSSI

    We can arrange transportation to and from TSSI from Boston–Logan Airport or Manchester Airport in New Hampshire. If you are traveling internationally, we will assist you in the registering of your child to travel with the airline, and/or provide you with dates & times that our chaperons are traveling to the campus so they may accompany your student.  We will send transportation to the arrival airports and then take over guidance from the airline for all minors traveling unaccompanied. Any airport travel fees will be added to and paid using the families card on file. Details regarding this are included in the registration packet and the TSSI Parent Handbook that is shared upon registration with the TSSI program.
  • Family Visits & Communication

    Parents or friends are invited to visit after the first week of the program. We will have a ceremonial weekend at the conclusion of the program in which parents will be invited to the campus and this would be the best weekend to attend. Other times, we like to see parents visit students, and if it is convenient for both the program and the parents, we will try to facilitate it. Having dinner with us on a weeknight might be such an option. For a boarding student, a request to spend a night off campus with parents must be approved by the Director.

    Weekends - Students enjoy participating in our weekend activities, so please call or email the Director in advance to arrange visits and to confirm the best times when your child will be on campus from Friday afternoon through Sunday evening.

    Communication - TSSI students are given their own email address for the program duration, have access to the campus wide WiFi network continuously, and can be reached by cell phone or cell phone with some prior arrangement. Please refer to our Electronic Device Policy as you ask your student how and when to contact you or vice versa.
  • English Proficiency

    Since our courses are not designed to accommodate beginning learners of English, international students have some extra requirements to demonstrate their English speaking and writing proficiency. To prepare for this, international students should:
    • Have an English teacher serve as your reference. Forms are available at time of registration
    • Note that in most cases we may also require an applicant WeChat or SKYPE  video interview.

Housing at TSSI

With the guidance and support of the dormitory faculty and advisors, students experience a community environment in which they live, work, and associate with the same people who are their teachers, advisors and mentors. Developing a close, nurturing feeling that exists between the dormitory faculty and the students is an intentional strength of the TSSI and is the one aspect of the experience that students remember with fondness. Living closely with other students from widely differing backgrounds is one of the most rewarding experiences of the Institute.

Dormitories are separated by gender and age, allowing students access to their shared classmates, teammates and faculty members, and most every student will have a roommate.  
We encourage you to check our residence halls on our virtual tour.  

Residence halls are staffed by dorm parents who supervise the dorms seven nights a week and are always accessible throughout the night and into the following morning.  Several counseling staff members assist the adults to make sure language and timing do not dilute our ability to be right on the spot.

Although the TSSI provides cleaning services in support of residential bathrooms, lobbies, hallways, etc., students are encouraged to take ownership of their living space. They should contribute to the well-being of the community by helping in the residential cleanliness of each dormitory. This might requires all residents to alternately perform simple daily chores that contribute to the good of the community as a whole.

Dining Services at TSSI

A true sense of community abounds in the dining hall as it contributes to the quality of life across the campus, fostering relationships over shared meals. The food service program is designed to provide high quality, nutritional meals that appeal to the varying tastes of the whole program population. With our many years of experience at the Tilton School, we have this skill well refined!!

Dining at TSSI during the summer is a treat. The Dining Hall offers vegetarian options for every meal, and its staff are ready to accommodate any allergies, medical restrictions, and cultural or religious restrictions. Our Director of Dining Services is also readily available to discuss any specific dietary needs students might have. Students will notify us of any allergies and food restrictions in their enrollment forms.

All TSSI all meals are served in Knowles Dining Hall. The Dining Hall is open for three meals a day Sunday through Saturday. Food is provided by SAGE Dining Services. Students have unlimited access to dining hall food during its open hours.

Dining Hall options are all encompassing and include a self-serve hot food section, fruit and salad bar, sandwich bar and soup station, in addition to several drink and dessert options. The Dining Hall staff easily accommodates all food allergies and dietary restrictions.

At several times during the program session, the community participates in a family-style formal dinner. This is a cherished tradition! For these occasions, Day students are encouraged to stay through the dinner hours and the after meal games and activities. Students are assigned to tables on a rotating basis throughout the program, providing them an opportunity to meet new community members.

With the help of our Sustainable Planet--Discovery Track students and SAGE Dining Services, we will coordinate “Educational Seasonings” throughout the program, which highlight menus that place food in cultural and historical contexts. The program provides students opportunities to learn about ingredients, cuisines and cooking methods under the belief that learning isn’t confined to the classroom and students should explore and taste food and flavors from around the world.

Students also have access to Rusty’s Den, a snack bar located in the Student Center/MARC, which is open during free times in the afternoons. Popular items include breakfast sandwiches, coffee selections and ice cream treats! Students can pay with cash or charge their TSSI Account Card.

When SAGE was founded in 1990, food allergies weren’t a widespread concern. Now they are, especially the most common and severe—peanut allergies. In 1997, the first year a survey on the topic was conducted in the U.S., only 0.4% of U.S. children had a known peanut allergy. By 2017, that number rose 7-fold. Today, 2.7% of children SAGE serves have a known peanut allergy. And as we know, peanut allergies are the ones most likely to cause anaphylaxis, a reaction that can be fatal without immediate treatment.

SAGE takes food allergies very seriously. We don’t use products containing peanuts and tree nuts in any schools we serve. We also avoid products made on equipment that processes peanuts and tree nuts unless the manufacturer provides evidence of safety practices that control for the risk of cross-contact. Historically, we’ve made an exception for peanut butter, but we no longer think this is appropriate. To protect our students and schools, as of the new service year, SAGE will no longer serve nuts and nut products in any of our venues, including peanut butter, which we’ll replace with sunflower seed-based SunButter®, or soy-based WOWBUTTER®. Both have a similar taste and texture to peanut butter and comparable nutritional value, with little risk. That’s the case in the dining hall, in classrooms, and with any catering events. In addition, we’ll continue to refrain from purchasing any products with a warning label for being manufactured in a facility where there may be cross-contact with peanuts or tree nuts.

We take pride in the strength of our food allergy management program, and in the experience and knowledge of our team of Registered Dietitians, who provide expertise on food allergy trends, accommodations, and ADA compliance. This critical change, which reduces the possibility of fatal allergic reactions in our communities, is a necessary, potentially lifesaving response to a changing student demographic.

It is the goal of TSSI to educate our students to this world-wide understanding and seek to protect any program attendees from accidental exposure to anything they are allergic to. Our Health History Questionaire gives you the opportunity to fully inform our medical and counseling staff to any concerns you have for your student.