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Arts with a Purpose

Our exploration begins with a production that we know and love, and along the way, we learn about all the elements that go into a successful script, blocking, set-design, lighting, music, choreography, and directing. Following our initial performance, our students design their next initiative here at the TSSI that dives more deeply into their passion:
  • Have a script idea for a one-act you’ve wanted to try?
  • Want to learn the nuances of set-design and lighting?
  • Have costume design ideas that have gone untried?
  • Want to simply incorporate an aspect you’ve dreamed of: dance, music, build to a show?
  • Performing with a Purpose—tell your story—message the world
You (or you and a friend) define the project, we help make it a reality while enjoying the professional atmosphere that our partners, OneLight Theatre, Inc., creates for us in our practice rooms and on our stages. You are sure to leave with many new friends, new experiences and tons of memories that will last a lifetime.