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The outdoors of New Hampshire might be the best backdrop imaginable to bring together creative minds and leading technology. With our renowned Creative Arts Center and it’s vast array of video & photographic equipment, there are no limits on what you can create, design and build at TSSI.

Let your imagination soar and then get to work on your project(s) to show the world what you can produce. Along your journey, learn and understand camera movement vocabulary; how to ‘hook’ your target audience watching out for production pitfalls; define your characters, and leave your audience impacted. Collect your video & pictures from our world-class partners with outdoor facilities - mountain biking, Parkour, kayaking, climbing & team building. Then immerse in our computer labs (Apple platform), shoot green screen, edit in top-of-the-line software, and post your work on your customized website. Learn what it takes to work like a professional videographer. Our expert staff will guide you to making your creative dreams a reality with the quality work to prove it.

  • Create a commercial for your new adventure or product
  • Tell a story that has purpose and impact
  • Produce a TV Show
  • Put your creation to music & video for stunning effect