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As Mark Twain so famously penned ‘Buy land; they aren’t making it anymore,' points us to consider how to use the finite resources we have remaining in increasingly creative and insightful ways. Cities and communities of the future will combine new materials, consume fewer resources, and be mobile like never before. Artificial Intelligence will control more than just appliances & lighting and at TSSI we want you to explore how that can and will happen.

Learn what the most progressive communities are doing on this front, then apply what works well to what your idea of the Village of the Future. Learn to communicate your visions into a CAD system, print models in 3D, scale up the most interesting parts to a full size model, and build out your vision as your project for the summer. Compete with fellow designers for the most insightful aspects for your village, and combine your works to create a template to be shared with the world. Design floor plans for a house of the future; then build it!

Finishing as we opened with Mark Twain, Don't let schooling interfere with your education.' Join TSSI for an education that masquerades as schooling but feels nothing like it at all. Change your perception of what is learning and have fun while doing it.

Construction Engineering/CAD - Tabletop models to full-size build-outs
The Village of the FutureDesign/Measure/Build
Multi-function vehicles - Vessel & Car in One: Design, Build, Operate
Science of SportSuperhuman Design and Build Futuristic Machines