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  • 8 Questions to Ask During Your Private School Tour

    Sarah O'Neill

    The process of finding the perfect private school can be overwhelming. Diving into the school’s vision and personality is crucial when making a decision. We’ve laid out eight questions to ask when it comes time for your campus tour. 
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  • Leading By Example

    Tilton School
    This Alumni Feature was first published in the 2018 issue of 1845: The Magazine of Tilton School

    The din of the manufacturing floor filters through the building and into the front office. It’s a constant, comforting sort of background noise that gently becomes part of the atmosphere. Always buzzing, always working, always humming, the 88 machines and 120 employees at Keats Manufacturing in suburban Chicago do not stop.
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  • How to Stay Active in the Off-Season

    Tara Brisson
    For student athletes, staying active during the off-season is a crucial part of a successful training regimine. During the summer, without coaches or teammates to push you, it can be difficult to know exactly what to do. Tara Brisson to the rescue!
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  • Look at that kid. They are awesome.

    Peter Saliba P'17, '19, Head of School
    When I tell someone that I work at Tilton, I often get a follow-up question asking how I survive working with teenagers every day. And this is exactly why I do what I do. I have chosen this profession (working in a high school) because the world seems to be hopelessly biased against kids between 14 and 19. It seems to me everyone expects something bad from a teenager in a store or simply walking down the street. This makes me angry because I believe this age is the most important in anyone’s life.
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  • The little team that could.

    Tilton School
    This article was originally published in the most recent issue of 1845: the Magazine of Tilton School. Hats off to Coach Jeff Boucher, whose last day as part of the Tilton School facilities team was last week. 

    It’s a sunny September day at Tilton School, weeks away from the official start of hockey s
    eason. Coach Jeff Boucher walks into the chilly hockey rink and plops two large duffle bags on the floor just outside the locker rooms. “Yellow or black?” He asks, opening up the two bags, revealing two sets of jerseys. We settle on black, as students began streaming in around us, each eagerly grabbing their Tilton jersey and disappearing into the locker rooms to put on their gear. Excitement is in the air. The same kind of excitement that spins around this group of hockey players anytime they get ready to do what they love.
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  • Tilton 2018 Athlete of the Year Tia Raspante '18 in a field hockey game against Hebron Academy

    Tilton School 2018 College Bound Athletes

    Tara Brisson and Sarah O'Neill
    Every year, we are amazed by the dedication, integrity and sportsmanship of Tilton School athletes. Through personal growth within their sport, students realize the difference between being interested and being truly committed. We are proud to send a number of athletes to college teams each year. Congratulations to all 2018 Tilton School graduates who will be taking their athletic prowess to the next level in the fall!
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