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Commencement 2019

"One of the most bittersweet feelings has to be when you realize how much you’re going to miss a moment while you’re still living it. The feeling of walking to the rink for fall skates, sitting in the dining hall with those we’ll never forget and walking to class on spring mornings where everything is still but the birds and the warmth of the sun creeps over the clock tower. This new chapter is exciting, and reminiscing will come in waves. I just hope where I am in a few months has the same welcoming people as I’ve come to know here. Because when it comes down to it, we all wake up to the same sun, but it’s the people that make you remember it’s warmth.

Teenagers come to Tilton for all sorts of reasons. Some for athletics or academics, and some to simply just start fresh. Regardless of our motives, Tilton is simply a place where we all seemed to cross each other's paths at the same time. All for different reasons, but it’s where our stories have aligned. Tilton School provides us with a common ground of communal self-exploration

So as we leave Tilton, what do we take with us? A belief that we can realize our potential to be better human beings, kinder, more empathetic and compassionate."
-- 2017-2018 Student Assembly President, Isabel Moffroid '18