Summer Work

As we transition from the school year into summer, we focus on preventing summer learning loss and making sure our students are prepared for the start of the school year in the Fall. Summer learning loss, also known as “summer slide” or “brain drain,” is a phenomenon that affects all grade levels. During the break, students begin to lose academic ground and spend the beginning of the next school year re-learning material.

Our summer reading unites the student body upon return and is discussed in a variety of ways during class time, advisory, and more. For those taking AP classes in the Fall, the work starts in the summer. 

Summer learning experience

Theme: Risk it for RamNation!

This theme was created by a group of rising seniors who are looking to bring a better sense of community and unity to Tilton next year, which starts with our summer learning experience.  

We would like to give you more opportunity for personalization and choice, so we have worked with students and faculty to create a list of books, movies, TV shows, articles and podcasts for you to choose from that address the theme: Risk It For RamNation and that answer one of the following essential questions:

  • How do you model community investment and risk taking?
  • How do you develop trust and collaboration with community leaders?
  • How do you balance appropriate risk and personal goals with the needs of the community?

Any questions can be directed to your class representatives below or to Ms. Popoff at

9th-Grade: Alex Garside at
10th-Grade: Sointu Ahola at or Carter Harvey at
11th-Grade: Alex Ritter at
12th-Grade/PG: Andy Sendashonga at or Maddison Silverman at

The list will continue to be updated throughout the summer, so keep your eyes open.

Everyone is asked to choose 2 different items from this list to interact with, with at least 1 being a written source. We strongly encourage you to choose materials that you have not read or watched before.

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AP Summer Work

Questions about your summer AP assignments? Teacher contact information is located at the top of each page.