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Faculty, students and Rusty Ram in Tilton gear

We think this place is awesome. 

Being a member of the Tilton community means being known. Our students are surrounded by peers, teachers, coaches, and advisors who challenge them to stretch their ideas, who support them when they’re in doubt, and who cheer them on when they need it most. We believe that a passionately engaged and supportive community helps students take the positive risks they need to become their best selves. 

No day is the same as the next one at Tilton School, but one thing is guaranteed - you will be engaged, you will be challenged, and you will discover the power of your potential. Tilton School students become valued members of this community, where we recognize that while our differences define us, it is this place that unites us.

Anika '19, Massachusetts

Being a boarding student allows me to be a learner every hour of the day, not just in the classroom. Living alongside my teachers and peers helps form a closer community from which I can grow into the best person I can be. Having lived with people from all walks of life and a variety of countries,

I feel ready to take on the real world and truly appreciate what it has to offer.

Why boarding?

Students are engaged in academic classes six days per week (classes are held in just the morning on Wednesdays and Saturdays to make way for athletic contests and activities during the afternoon). During the academic day the community takes pause for School Meeting, class meetings or a weekly advisor session. Clubs, the Student Government, and extra help sessions are arranged during our Conference Period and sometimes in the evening.

Each afternoon, at the conclusion of the academic day, students participate in an afternoon activity - an athletic commitment, perfecting technique in the theater or art or dance studio, serving the greater community as part of our Community Service program, learning to build a robot, possibly trying rock climbing for the first time, or maybe even climbing a mountain.

And there’s always something going on in #RAMNation on the weekends. Students will frequently cheer on their friends at any number of athletic contests being held on campus in the afternoon before weekend activities take over. Each week a dedicated group of students help to plan the weekend programming which may include a trip to the Stoneham Zoo, a standup paddleboard tour at Hampton Beach, a round of golf at a local course or a student favorite - a trip to nearby Jordan’s Ice Cream! 

There’s apple picking and guitar hero, school dances and nighttime laser tag, the annual International Fair and even a guided Moose Tour in New Hampshire’s White Mountains. Regularly scheduled shuttles, or Ram Tram, are also provided to nearby shopping, the grocery store and other attractions in Tilton.

What's it like to live with your teachers and peers?

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