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Group of students and adults building a foundation in the Dominican Republic

See things from a different point of view.

In today’s interconnected world, a global perspective is critical. It helps us to be good citizens, it helps us live interesting lives, it taps into our innate ingenuity, and it stimulates our imagination. We recognize that connections lie at the very heart of creativity and innovation, two of the primary hallmarks of success in the growth of our students and our adults. That is why every member of the Tilton community has the opportunity (and the expectation) to advance their learning through a robust network of external partnerships. These experiences enrich our perspectives and insight, and serve as a valuable tool for developing empathetic leaders who enact real change. 

Tilton School’s community service program has been active for over two decades. Currently led by Julie Caldwell (Director of Community Service, World Languages Department Chair, Spanish Teacher), students have the opportunity to participate in the program as their afternoon activity. Weekly, they help at the New Hampshire Veterans Home, assist in the classrooms of various area schools, volunteer at the local soup kitchen, and more. Each year, all students get the opportunity to participate in community service through all class or all school events.

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The number of community service hours Tilton School students complete each year.

Serving Abroad

Each year for the past 5 years, Tilton School has sent over 100 members of our community to the bateyes in the Dominican Republic as part of an annual community service trip through The Batey Foundation

Providing much-needed support to children and families in the Dominican Republic, The Batey Foundation is an organization Tilton has worked with since 2014. The foundation is a non-profit with a mission to “raise the living standards of the present generation of children and their families living in the bateyes of the Dominican Republic, who are severely affected by poverty, disease, and hunger, while promoting sustainable development for future generations.” A batey (plural bateyes) is a rural community in the Dominican Republic inhabited by sugar cane workers.

This trip was an opportunity to discover things about myself that I may not have otherwise known. It reminded me that I need to appreciate the smaller things in life and take more time out of my day to help people. It gave me guidance that I did not know I needed around the value of contributing to the community. 

- Zoey '19

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