Race, Equity, & Inclusion

"People of color suffer oppression and injustice in America on a daily basis. As surely as any decent person would take active steps to return stolen property, it’s incumbent on white people everywhere to work actively to restore the liberty, opportunity, justice— lives—routinely stolen from people of color in our country and across the world."  —Head of School David Thiel

As a predominantly white community, we offer the following actions in support of our friends and fellow citizens: 

  • Tilton will actively foster and support its Black Student Union (founded in 2019) and ensure that people of color on campus have direct access to leadership to share concerns and suggestions.

  • In our academic and residential life programs, we will increase the amount of content we share on white privilege, discrimination, inclusion, and cultural competency.

  • In our professional development programs, we will emphasize training on race and unconscious bias.

  • We will use our platforms to amplify and celebrate voices of color.

  • Tilton will develop a comprehensive Inclusion Plan during the 2020-2021 school year.

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