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Student Government

Submissions for next year’s student government positions are in! 

Candidates have written position paragraphs on why they are running and what they can provide to the position.

View the candidates >

Performance Programs

Tuesday, May 19 | 3:15 p.m. EDT

  • Couch to 1/2 Marathon with Ms. Renaud
  • HIIT with Coach Brisson
  • Leadership with Ms. Love and Ms. Johnson
  • Yoga with Ms. Goodale

Friday, May 22 | 7 a.m. EDT

  • AMRAP with Coach Brisson
  • Dance with Ms. O'Neill
  • Music with Mr. Steer
  • Yoga with Ms. Simon

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Advisory Challenge

True or False Faculty Trivia!

Answers from Guess Who?

Mr. Conrad, Ms. deVeaux, Mr. Hollingsworth, Ms. Johnson, Ms. Love, Mrs. McCandless, Ms. Renaud, Mrs. Saliba and Mr. Sheehy. BONUS: Mr. Tefft

Advisory Scoreboard

Hollingsworth [105]
deVeaux [104]
Mrs. McCandless [89]
Johnson [76]
Simon [75]
Conrad [72]
Veilleux [65]
Sheehy [61]
Saunders [60]
Rainville [58]
Mrs. Smith [51]
Landroche [47]
Harrington [45]
Carter [39]
Dawson [36]
Keef [35]
Lesser [31]
Mr. Goodale [30]
Brown [24]
Renaud [20]
Caldwell [15]
Goodwin [15]
Mrs. Goodale [8]
Roy [5]

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    Why Philanthropy Is Important
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    Christine Louis, Director of Development

    Today we use philanthropy to describe acts of generosity, whether they be “gifts of wealth, wisdom or work.” All of these types of support are crucial to the mission and sustainability of thousands of non-profits around the world that work for the betterment of society. 

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