Residential Life

Female students in bright sunny dorm kitchen

A happy balance.

We work continuously to cultivate a culture that balances academic achievement, health, and happiness. By providing the time and resources for quiet reflection amidst a busy academic schedule we offer students the gift of self-discovery that serves as a link to their confidence, independence, and joy. When students have the opportunity to become truly aware of their own strengths and weaknesses they are more engaged in setting goals and paths that are meaningful to them. 

The values inherent in living with other students and adults in a residential setting are every bit as important as the lessons taught in the classroom, leaned on the athletic field or acquired in the art studio. We find that residential life is the genesis of our students' strongest friendships. Each student is placed with a roommate upon entry to Tilton School and lives in a dorm with their peers, student dorm proctors, resident faculty members and a dorm head.

Living in a dorm at Tilton School is like living in a home away from home. Dorm parents and students are so caring here, just like parents and brothers and sisters back home.

- Jacky '19

Here are some highlights of our Residential Life program.

  • Orientation trips
  • Family-style Formal Dinner
  • Home Nights
  • First Friday Speaker Series
  • Black and Gold Games
  • Winter Carnival
  • Spring Fling
  • Advisee dinners
  • Fires around the fire pit
  • Pickup games in the MARC
  • Relaxing in our student center
  • Ram Tram
  • Weekend Activities including shopping, trips to Boston, area events, and more!
The Day Student Experience

Tilton prides itself on the seamless integration of day students into our campus population, acknowledging their significant contributions to our academic program, athletic teams, the arts and all parts of campus life. As a school, we seek to provide day students with every opportunity to immerse themselves in all aspects of the residential life experience, thus providing day students with space in the residence halls to use during the day.

Day students are given a designated area by grade. These areas give them space to study, relax during downtime, store belongings. or change for any formal evening events. Given their involvement in all areas of campus life, day students may also apply to become dormitory proctors and assume a leadership position in this facet of school life.  

Day students may be permitted to stay on campus when evening or morning commitments, or weather, warrant such a situation. In these cases, students must receive prior permission from the residential life staff and Student Life Office. Students are also able to stay through study hall hours to collaborate on school projects or seek extra help.

Tilton is a school that celebrates, nurtures and respects individuality. It’s this appreciation of our differences that forms the heart of our community. You can feel it the minute you step on campus. At any moment there are passing high-fives, smiles of encouragement, cheers of support, and a general sense of inclusiveness. This boundless camaraderie often leads to close (and sometimes unexpected) friendships—which is the beauty of being a member of the Tilton family. 

At Tilton you aren't just a student–you are part of our family. Welcome home.

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