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Summer Institute
Program Details

Residential Living

Living away from home for three weeks is a hidden gem of the self-exploration journey. It is where you appreciate and create the deeper relationships with peers and adults that intentionally strengthen communities and the larger society. Students will live with their peers in on-campus dormitories where they will get the opportunity to form lifelong friendships.

The safety of our students is our primary concern and our community in New Hampshire is among the safest. 
Tilton School’s self-contained campus provides a safe living environment for program participants to explore new friendships, cultural experiences, and independence all under the watchful eye of Tilton staff and upper-class mentors. Afternoons and evenings provide time to explore other interests, like sports, music, and culture. Whether its a picnic on the quad lawn or a family-style dinner in our commons, this time helps strike a healthy balance between work and fun.

Device Free Zones - Technology plays such an integral part of our everyday lives, that it can easily slip into the realm of dominating our time robbing us of the opportunities to interact with people and action around us. TSSI employs a philosophy of helping students identify when and where devices make our lives easier, more fruitful, and enjoyable. Work that is hands-on seldom needs devices unless they are driving the work, so exploring when to be on a device and when not to are life skills we teach.

Bond With Others

In the Student Center:
Pool Table
Snack Bar

Fisher Cats Baseball Games; Sky Zone--Indoor Gym; Campfires; DQ; Karaoke; Talent Night; OneLight Theater Performances; Mini-golf; Bowling; Puzzle Night; Black & Gold games