What is the ISSP?

At the conclusion of the Tilton School Summer Institute program, your student will receive an Individualized Strengths and Skills Profile (ISSP) which details their strengths, areas of growth, and action items for the upcoming year to build upon. The ISSP compiles information from teacher, advisor, and coach observations, a personality-based evaluation, and the Naviance StrengthsExplorer®.

Self-discovery helps students develop confidence and lays the foundation for their future. Instrumental in the experience here at Tilton School Summer Institute, is the understanding and build out of foundation pillars for each student’s unique talents and behaviors along with their profile of Essential Skills. We have identified the following areas as Essential Skills:

  • Self-Assessment
  • Critique & Revision
  • Self-Control
  • Adaptability to Change
  • Student Voice & Choice
  • Listening
  • Engagement
  • Expression
Creativity and Innovation
  • Initiative
  • Presentation of Ideas
  • Originality & Risk
  • Independence
  • Respectfulness
  • Team Building
  • Flexibility & Compromise
  • Follow-through

By uncovering strengths and unique skills through an exploration of these Essential Skills, students will see that they have potential, and learn how to act on it. The Naviance StrengthsExplorer® tools used in conjunction with this program, include personal assessments that help students create this foundation of talents and behaviors. Through this exploration students will:

  • Discover their strengths;
  • Connect their interests to careers;
  • Learn to set attainable goals;
  • Gain confidence in their academic plans.

At the conclusion of the program, our Advisors will have guided students through their Individualized Strengths and Skills Profile (ISSP) and given a plan for building on their profile in the future including insight on:

  • Their personal strengths and their areas for growth within the Essential Skills;
  • An Individualized Strengths and Skills Profile Report to use into their next school year;
  • How their role in the thinking and design of projects inspires innovation and creativity;
  • Self-confidence through challenging activities and personal reflection;
  • Understanding what a skill-based educational system is like and how to advocate for their own development.