Leading the Way: The Mastery Approach
Alex Molloy, Director of Communications

Starting in 2016, Tilton School embarked on a journey of curriculum redesign in support of educational innovation. This work brought together our community to collaborate in a way most schools only dream about. Trustees, faculty and staff, students, parents, past parents and alumni sat at the same table–with equal voice in the conversation–in "Design Teams" focused on key areas of education innovation.  

The teams worked through a variety of channels, on a set of design challenges that engaged the school's stakeholders and some of the nations, and worlds, brightest educational thinkers.

Now, three years later, we have implemented this work in all areas of a student’s life including academics, athletics, residential life and co-curricular by incorporating our Learning Approach and Process to master essential skills in our Guided Program of Study. This is The Mastery Approach.

Our Learning Approach

Tilton School provides a customized learning process that uses an authentic, intentional investigation and assessment of a student’s aptitudes, skills, interests and strengths. When a student’s skills and knowledge are leveraged through intentional opportunities, they will have a sense of purpose and realize their potential. This awakens a drive to know more, specifically in areas of significant interest and passion.

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Our Learning Process

Out of the initial design-thinking workshops came our Learning Process. It consists of four distinct recognizable areas: Forge, Ignite, Dive, and Launch. Forge provides connections to self and content, Ignite formulates ideas of self and content, Dive purposefully explores these ideas, and Launch is an expression of everything a student has learned throughout the process.

This process results in a deeper understanding and a more accurate application of a student’s strengths, skills, and interests.

Grade Level Programming

Not only is this our Learning Process, they are also the names of our Grade Level Programming teams as each grade highlights each of the four areas of the Learning Process for deeper investigation. Grade Level Programming allows students to explore, make mistakes, and re-evaluate what they know about themselves as learners in a supportive and safe environment.

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As founding members of the Mastery Transcript Consortium, Tilton School is proud to offer this personalized high school transcript that reflects unique skills, strengths, and interests of each learner. The first Mastery Transcript students will graduate from Tilton in spring of 2020. 

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