RAMS on the Frontline
Sarah O'Neill

Throughout April and May, Tilton School featured alumni working on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is a compilation of those we featured. 

Jordan Bluhm ‘14

Location: Concord Hospital ICU
Title: Registered Nurse

I always knew that I wanted to help people get better, and support them during the healing process...Practice social distancing, wear a mask in public, and wash your hands!! If you’re high risk, do not risk it, trust me. I’ve seen the worst of this virus and it isn’t worth it.



Andrew Nagel '10

Location: Lakes Region, NH
Title: Feeding the hungry (restaurant worker)

My advice: be courteous to the small businesses, the wait staff, and delivery drivers you encounter. It's sad to see this virus putting a halt to graduations, jobs, the economy, etc., but we need to look to a brighter side; spend time with family, create new memories, and reconnect with the earth.



Jennifer Persio '09

Title: Registered Nurse
Yale-New Haven Hospital (New Haven, CT)
Hospital for Special Care (New Britain, CT)

We are stronger together than we are alone. I am part of a 10-person Prone Team at YNHH that is a dedicated support unit for our sickest patients. Proning requires seven clinicians at once to completely flip a patient onto their stomach (i.e. a prone position) for upwards of 18 hours at a time. Prior to the creation of this team, it fell solely on the ICU/CCU nurses to do this on top of their already full assignments. Our team has allowed YNHH to go from proning just six patients a day to over 225 a week.



Jon Putterman ‘97

Location: Beavertown, PA
Title: Title Program Monitor
Conewago- Snyder Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facility

"My family - knowing that they have my back and support me gets me through the day, even when it’s hard to get out of bed after working long hours and doing it all over again. We all are making a difference and changing the world - that makes me smile on my toughest days."



Kaitlynn Lisett ‘07

Location: New Hampshire
Title: Clinical Faculty University of New Hampshire Nursing, Clinical Educator and Float Pool RN LRGHealthcare

"When we are at our worst, we need each other the most - do things for people not because of who they are or what they do in return, but because of who you are."


Roger Hamilton ‘91

Location: New Haven, Vermont
Title: Emergency Medical Responder (volunteer)

"After every call, we need to strip down and put all our clothing and protective gear into a bag in order to prevent contaminating each other and our rescue vehicle. Each day, I make sure I’m contaminant free so I don’t bring it back to my home and spread it to my family."

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