Responsible Social Media Use
Sarah O'Neill

 Facebook. Instagram. Snapchat. Twitter. Tumblr. Tiktok. 

The world of social media is large and vast. In today's climate, where a high amount of activities and education are virtual, this is even more true. Responsible usage is a necessary conversation that should be discussed in high schools everywhere. 

Here at Tilton School, we emphasize a responsible online presence among our students as much as possible.

Think About What You’re Posting

It’s important to remember that social media profiles are not only accessible to friends and family, also have the potential be seen by teachers, coaches, employers, and even potential colleges. Think of your online presence as an extension of yourself, your reputation, and your credibility. 

As for posting or commenting on the social pages of others, ask yourself these questions: is it kind? Is it useful? Is it necessary? If it is none of these things, don’t post it. 

Don’t Overshare

Privacy on social media is a highly debated topic as of late. First and foremost, make sure your profiles are private. Don’t add or communicate with people you don’t know. 

Even with the highest privacy settings, consider what you’re posting: is this something you want the whole world to know?  

Limit the Amount of Time on Social Platforms

Digital media usage is a distraction, both scholastically and otherwise. According to a recent study by Common Sense Media, 16 percent of teens admit to checking social media almost constantly and 27 percent said they do so hourly. This takes away from time spent learning in the classroom, and distracts from moments with close friends or family. Give yourself a time limit. Try leaving your phone in your room during class and study hall, or turning it off when you’re with friends. 

Curate Your Friends List

Social media is a way for us to stay connected and informed. Ideally, the accounts we follow are trustworthy and ones we want to communicate with daily. It’s important that your friend list be just that - a list of friends and important, uplifting information, not random people you’ve never met in real life. Be selective about who you add as a friend.

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