This Year in Grade Level Programming
Sarah O'Neill

As part of Tilton's personalized, student driven approach to learning, Grade Level Programming (GLP) bring teams of teachers and students together to solve problems, think deeply, and work together to navigate their world with character and vision. Each grade level culminates with a significant performance moment in which students demonstrate in authentic ways the skills and knowledge that they have mastered during the course of the year.

Here's what each grade is up to this year!

9th Grade

To begin 9th Grade GLP, freshmen focus was on study skills and goal setting. Students then start a series of rotations where they get to experience ceramics, stop-motion filmmaking, woodworking, and creating games, spending four weeks in each activity. This winter, students will complete a mask project to showcase who they are and complete a mini-unit on personal wellness. In the spring, students will design and conduct explorations alongside a ninth-grade faculty member.  For more information about 9th Grade GLP, contact 9th-Grade Level Leader, Eliza Smith. 

10th graders building a Rube Goldberg machine

10th Grade

This year, the 10th grade will be focusing  on “what is a community” and the life skills we can develop to benefit ourselves and the communities we live in. We will be working through rotations this Fall, learning skills, and working on event planning with the School Life Office, designing the haunted house, orienteering and trail maintenance, and learning how to use power tools. The 10th Grade will also be collaborating as a whole on larger projects, like the Rube Goldberg experiment and cardboard sled races. The aim is to develop skills for students to pursue further in the spring, through student-driven initiatives, even possibly working towards certifications in areas of interest. For more information about 10th Grade GLP, please email the 10th-Grade Level Leader, Maura Veilleux.

11th Grade 

The Pathbrite Portfolio is a personal project required for all eleventh-grade students and should provide evidence of and reflection about the student’s learning experience. Reflection is central to building deep and rich experiences at Tilton School. It leads to improved problem-solving, higher cognitive processes, and a greater depth of understanding. Each student is required to meet face-to-face with their GLP group every other week. These class times will be focused on group discussions to help further develop portfolio artifacts. For more information about 11th Grade GLP, please email the 11th- Grade Level Leader, Meredith Gadd.

12th Grade and Postgraduate

The Legacy Project will be the focus of 12th/PG GLP this year. The Legacy Project is a student-selected exploration of a topic that results in a significant piece of work. The project is an opportunity to synthesize past learning and push students to deeper learning and possible new directions. The format of the final product and reflection is to be determined by the student, but must demonstrate significant work and must be evaluated by a panel (at least three faculty members and two students) and must also demonstrate academic research and collaboration.  The timeline for the project will be determined by the student and faculty supervisor, but all projects must be completed by Friday, May 7, 2021. Each student has been paired with a Faculty Supervisor, who will help guide them through their projects.  

 In addition to the Legacy Project, 12th/PG GLP will also be partnering with the College Counseling office. This trimester, students will be using GLP time to complete their Senior Defenses and evaluate their performance. For more information about Senior Defenses, please contact the College Counseling office. For more information about 12th/PG GLP, please email the 12th/PG Grade Level Leader, Ellissa Popoff.

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