Tilton Boys' Varsity Hockey: Looking Forward
Stephen Gilpatrick

Last year’s Tilton School Boys' Varsity A hockey team had a great year winning the Small School Piatelli/Simmons Tournament against Holderness School. Currently, they are just beginning their Winter season, having played in the beloved Black and Gold Tournament and securing a 5-2 win against Quebec City's Academie St. Louis. I sat down for a brief conversation with two of the team captains, Brett “Chop” Lockhart '20 and James “Jamie” Cates '20, to talk about the upcoming season. 

Q: Tell me about this year’s team:

JC: “This will be our best team ever. We have a lot of returners from last year’s championship team. It’s an ‘old team’ with 15 seniors. We lost only one defenseman from last year. So we should be very strong.”

BL: “We’re a close knit group. We all put in a lot of work in the off season in preparation for this year’s season. We’re ready. We will be a very strong team.  But we need to be ready for every game because everyone will be hunting for us. “

Q: What are the goals for this year’s team?

BK: “We’re going big!We want to win the Elite 8 tourney but everyone has to buy in. KUA is the team to beat. They’ve won the Elite 8 tournament three years running and were last year’s Lakes Region Champion.”

Q: Are you guys looking forward to this season?


A comment from Coach McQuade:

Q: Brooks what are your thoughts about this team?

BM: “We’ve got a lot of good kids. They’ve got talent. But talent isn’t enough. They have to believe in themselves as a team and go out and perform every game. I can’t do that for them, but they are good kids. Now, let’s see what they can do.”

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