Why a Diverse Community is Important
Sarah O'Neill

Tilton School is fortunate to have students from all over the United States, as well as 16 different countries. Diversity is not found in abundance in this small area of New Hampshire, so we take the culture and beliefs of each student to heart as they are each completely unique. With openness to the ideas of each individual, the Hill is often where RAMS begin expanding their view of the world at large. There are no downsides to having a diverse campus, but there are some very obvious, substantial benefits.

Exposure to other cultures: Broadening horizons beyond one’s own comfort zone is life changing. Experiencing aspects of another culture, from the bread you break to the books you read, is both exciting and enriching. Tilton students are very receptive to both sharing their cultural traditions and learning about the cultural differences of others

Talking about different values and ideas: In an ever-changing world, empathy is important. Exposing students to individuals different from themselves helps to guide this process as it promotes not just empathy, but openness, understanding and tolerance of those with views different than your own.

The opportunity to learn another language from a native speaker: Learning another language is an invaluable resource, but something is to be said for learning another language from a native speaker. Inflection and even sentence structure can change depending on what region of the country or dialect a person is from thus allowing for a more authentic understanding of another language. It not only helps accentuate one’s personal world but professional as well.

Making lifelong friends from around the globe: The bond shared by Tilton RAMS is unbreakable! On the Hill, students create everlasting friendships. Often times, these relationships are between the people who help expand each other's minds and worldviews continuously throughout life.

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