Winter Sports Awards
Sarah O'Neill

On Monday, March 4th, the Tilton School community commemorated the end of winter sports. At our Winter Athletic Awards, students and faculty gathered to honor coaches, teams and athletes for their hard work, dedication and sportsmanship throughout the season.

Athletic Director and Head Girls’ Varsity Basketball Coach Tara Brisson opened the ceremony with an ode to winter, her personal favorite.

“Did you know over the past 10 winter seasons we have compiled 10 New England Championships and 14 Lakes Region Championships? That being said, I know I may be one of the few that share this sentiment but the winter season goes by way too fast – and as I stood there with many of you yesterday afternoon to watch the boys' ice hockey team win their first New England Championship in 17 years, I remember

thinking ‘why does the winter season have to end’?”

All of our RAM teams had hard fought seasons, with impressive pushes and growth made throughout. However, the highlight of this season was a New England championship won by Tilton Boys’ Varsity A Hockey. Winners of the NEPSAC Piatelli/Simmons Small School Championship, the last time a team has won a championship was in 2002. One of the proudest parts of watching a RAM team take home a championship was witnessing the unrelenting support from the entire community.

“As a super fan and more importantly an Athletic Director it was incredible to watch the support and care we have for each other when we almost brought down the plastic surrounding the ice, and then immediately lined up to celebrate the boys as they walked back to the locker room. It is another season where we learn athletics is so much more than wins and losses; and we were reminded again that through athletics we are taught the valuable life lessons of teamwork, courage, and determination that play a pivotal role in our future, and that with athletics we get to build those friendships and relationships that last with us for a lifetime.”

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Full List of Accolades

Boys’ Varsity Basketball

Defensive Player of the Year: John McCoy ‘19 (Mansfield, MA)

Offensive Player of the Year: Jalen Leach ‘20 (Nyack, NY)

Captain: Eric Beckett ‘19 ( Ajax-Ontario, CA)

Boys’ JV A Basketball

Defensive Player of the Year: Jax Budgell ‘21 (Newburyport, MA)

Coaches Award: Billy Tessien ‘20 (Winston-Salem, NC)

Captains: Calvin Moffroid ‘20 (Warren, VT) and Marco Anoro ‘19 (Barcelona, Spain)

Boys’ JV B Basketball

MIP: Steven Chen

Girls’ Varsity Basketball

MVP: Morgan Higgins ‘19 (North Kingstown, RI)

MIP: Sophie George ‘22 (Laconia, NH)

MIP: Liza Field ‘21 (Manchester, NH)

Coaches Award: Jackie Hill ‘19  (Franklin, NH)

Captains: Morgan Higgins ‘19, Jackie Hill ‘19, and Cassie Caldwell ‘19 (Marshfield, MA)

Girls’ JV Basketball

Team Toughness Award: Olivia DeMatos ‘21 (Laconia, NH)

Most Improved Skill: Sara Sanchez-Delgado ‘19 (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)

Most Improved Understanding: Amy Lu ‘21 (Zhonshan, China)

Captains: Olivia Patterson ‘19 (Concord, NH) and Olivia DeMatos ‘21

Boys’ Varsity Ice Hockey

MVP: Jack Seymour ‘20 (Chelsea-Quebec, CA)

MIP: Nate Shirley ‘21 (Belmont, NH)

Coaches Award: Jakob Wepman ‘19 (Studio City, CA)

Captains: Jamie Cates ‘21 (Anaheim, CA), Cameron Ryan ‘19 (Arlington, MA), Brett Lockhart ‘20 (Braintree, MA)

NEPSAC Small School Champions

Top 10 in New England: Jagger Benson ‘20 (Lynnfield, MA)

Top 20 in New England for Save %: Jakob Wepman ‘19, Owen Cuddyer ‘19 (Braintree, MA)

Boys’ Varsity B Ice Hockey

MVP: Andrew Bonavita ‘19 (Longmeadow, MA)

MIP: Seth McKenna ‘22 (Simi Valley, CA)

Coaches Award: Carter Harvey ‘21 (Shelburne, VT)

Coaches Award: Matt Beraldi ‘22 (Rutland, VT)

Captains: Andrew Bonavita ‘19 and Patrick Guinee ‘19 (Gloucester, MA)

Girls’ Varsity Ice Hockey

Player’s Player of the Year: Ashlyn Brown ‘19 (Raymond, NH)

Offensive Player of the Year: Cassandra Nevers ‘19 (West Suffield, CT)

Coaches Award: Kaitlin Bardellini ‘19 (Northfield, NH)

Coaches Award: Kendall Brant ‘22 (Marblehead, MA)

Captains: Kaitlin Bardellini ‘19 and Ashlyn Brown ‘19

Varsity Snowboarding

MVS (Most Valuable Snowboarder): Minhao “Howard” Yin ‘21 (Shanghai, China)

MIP (Most Improved Snowboarder): Caden Swyers ‘22 (Boscawen, NH)

Coaches Award: Teruhiko Hotta ‘20 (Tokyo, Japan)

Captain: Minhao “Howard” Yin ‘21


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