You're feeding yourself, and someone else!
Alex Molloy

This is how Olivia DeMatos ‘21, a member of the Empty Bowls Committee, describes the 9th-grade fundraiser. “Empty Bowls” is an international project supporting the fight against hunger in which all events are independently organized.

The Empty Bowls Committee was formed in the Fall of 2017 and students worked in the ceramics studio all year to make over 120 bowls for the Empty Bowls event. The time and energy the 9th-grade class put into Empty Bowls is a testament to their patience and commitment to support of ending hunger, a problem that affects 759 million people (1 in 9) worldwide.

This year-long project culminated at ArtsFest, an afternoon celebrating the many creative talents of our students and faculty. Students sold raffle tickets this past week for serving bowls and dishes made by ceramics students and ceramics teacher Tyler Goodwin. During ArtsFest on Thursday, May 17 there was an ice cream social where the class of 2021 sold ice cream from Tilton School favorite Jordan’s Ice Cream, but the best part was the bowls. Each handmade ceramic bowl was yours to keep after you scraped it clean.

Realizing that hunger affects people in your local community, and even people you may know, the Empty Bowls Committee settled on the local Franklin Food Bank.

“We wanted to donate to an organization that feeds the hungry locally. We did the research and this one (the Franklin Food Bank) made the most sense,” says Howard Yin ‘21, a member of the Empty Bowls Committee.

100% of the proceeds were donated to the Franklin Food Bank. The 9th-grade fundraiser was overseen by Grade Level Leader Eliza Smith, ceramics teacher Tyler Goodwin, and Art Department Chair Eric O’Neil.

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